No online classes for pre-primary, class 1 and 2 students: Maharashtra Correspondent

Mumbai: As the new school year started on Monday in Maharashtra, the state government announced that there won’t be any online or digital classes for pre-primary and classes 1 and 2 students.

The state school education department, in a list of guidelines issued on Monday, also capped the duration of online sessions for higher classes – one hour for classes 3 to 5, two hours for classes 6 to 8 and three hours for classes 9 to 12. In addition to digital platforms, the government has also proposed using television and radio for teaching and learning.

“We have considered the opinion of parents about online classes. As classes 1 and 2 students are young, this option won’t be made available to them,” read a statement from the Chief Minister (CM) Uddhav Thackeray’s office.

On Monday, the CM held a meeting along with school education minister Varsha Gaikwad and various officials to discuss the reopening of schools in the state. 

The government also plans to start physical classes in the schools located in the rural areas as well as the areas away from the city where no COVD-19 case had been found in at least a month. The schools will be reopened in these areas in a phased manner with classes 9,10 and 12 starting in July, classes 6 to 8 in August and classes 3 to 5 in September.

The School Management Committees (SMC) have been directed to decide about reopening classes 1 and 2, while class 11 will start according to the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination results.

However, the government has also issued several guidelines to ensure the health safety of students while reopening the schools. The district administration and local self-governing bodies have been asked to wash and sanitise the entire school buildings. In order to maintain social distancing, the government’s circular directs, the classes are to be run in two shifts or on alternate days, only one student be seated on a bench or a meter’s distance be maintained between two students.


  1. But in Mumbai and Thane all the school hav started online classes for 1st and 2nd STD also after this news some parents have escalated the issue but no response by school and teachers are still sending online studies what shud we do

  2. One of the school in vikhroli east is taking online classes for nursery, pre primary 1st and 2nd standard students. Going against the order of Maha govt.

  3. They are Delusional.Rising cases but we have to restart schools. Why is the Government insisting on sending kids to school and insisting on exams. All over the world IB exams have been cancelled but our country will put our kids at risk .

  4. If school reopen how will they maintain distance between children government school the strength of class 60-70 children, in wash room there are no soap, there school wash room are stinking, the way students runs when the school leaves, buses are packed there private vans are packet kids play during recess who will take care kids are hyper now days. You cannot stop them playing.
    What about municipal school kids online how they will studies they don’t have smart phone, net facility. Best is after diwali school should start for aleast pre primary & primary.

  5. No schools this year plz from 1 to 9 they r still small to understand what is Corona they should b promoted directly becoz children and old ages have less immunity intact once the lockdown is open no one cares to have social distances

  6. No schools plz…..
    Plz declare 1 to 9 std promoted to next year becoz they r still small to understand what is Corona once lockdown will finish there will b no rules and regulations

  7. Now the children will sit on mobile and TV and spend time on trash. Do no limit the duration online classes. Leave it to the teachers. The syllabus is different for different streams like CBSE, ISCE ETC. THE GOVERNMENT must look ar what is happening in USA. ENGLAND and other developed nations. They must not interfere in education.

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