Thirty Mumbai University college clusters postpone exams due to power cut

Anushka Pevekar

Mumbai: The massive power outage in Mumbai and surrounding areas on Monday (October 12) disrupted the online final year exams at the University of Mumbai (MU) colleges, with as many as 23 college clusters forced to suspend their tests.

Exams at all the engineering, MCA and pharmacy colleges as well as most of the law colleges that were slated on Monday have been deferred. While the suspended engineering and MCA exams will be held on October 14 and pharmacy exams are slated for October 15, the schedule of other tests will be decided by the students’ respective colleges.

Several areas in the city and suburbs faced power outages for hours due to tripping of Maharashtra State Elecctricity Transmission Company (MSETCL)’s 400 KV transmission system at Kalwa. While some of the MU colleges managed to conduct their exams without any hiccup, others had to postpone their tests.

According to the university, 32 out of 42 arts-science-commerce college clusters that had scheduled tests on Monday, conducted the exams as planned at all but a few colleges. Around 98% students – 18,950 out of 19,279 – managed to take the tests. However, the remaining 10 clusters had to postpone their exams due to power outage.

As many as, seven clusters of law colleges have postponed their exams, while 504 out of 505 students of the remaining two clusters successfully appeared for the exams. On the other hand, all BEd colleges, except for two, conducted exams for 2,007 out of 2,019 colleges.

MU exams are being held online for the first time in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic. The university has formed several clusters or groups of 8 to 10 colleges, which are holding these exams on their own schedules.

Students appearing for the exam during power cut faced a difficult time. “I had finished a large part of the test. There were only last few questions were left to be answered when the electricity got disconnected cut and we received a notice that our exams have been postponed,” said one of the students.

However, some students were saved from this ordeal. “Fortunately the electrical line in our area was doing well and hence there were no problems faced while conducting examinations at the college. The further examinations will also be taken as scheduled before,” said Naresh Chandra, director, BK Birla College, Kalyan.

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